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Although facilitation is about making it easier for people to understand each other, it does not always seem that way.

Facilitating can be tough; and while there are multiple components of a facilitation one of the most overlooked is the approach which is used.
Over the years, we have developed and mastered a wide range of facilitation tools, methods, frameworks. We design and deliver highly engaging group/team meetings, discussions, workshops, strategic and creative sessions, Un-conferences, focus groups, planning, retrospective etc.

Among our favourite and most effective methods are:
• Design thinking approach
• ToP Focused conversation
• ToP consensus workshop
• ToP Strategic Planning
• Walt Disney Strategic Planning
• De Bono thinking hats
• Focus groups
• Fishbowl
• Open Space Technology
• World Cafe
• Appreciative Inquiry
• And others
Working groups is a facilitated session where participants work on suggested by them real cases from their work. Working groups focus on the correlation between people, work tasks and organizations.
The primary function of open working groups is the development of individuals, teams and organizations. Participation in such a group broadens the repertoire of the professional activities of its participants in accordance with their roles in the organization. It also provides support in various processes and decision making, in complex professional situations and conflicts.

In a corporate format, such groups are meant to provide and improve the quality of communication between employees. Having such groups in a company stipulates change, search for innovative solutions, prevents mobbing and burn out.
• Communication, relationships, conflicts
• Decision making
• Mental health/burnout prevention
• Other
Working group themes:
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